Meet Shannon Lazovski, CEO

I'm Shannon Lazovski and I'm thrilled to introduce you to Glameselle! My journey started 30 years ago as a model and then make up artist. After taking a few years off from the industry to start a family, I was drawn back in as a fashion/beauty blogger and influencer which led me to blogging, consulting, product specialist opportunities and becoming a small business owner supporting luxury brands in fashion, beauty and home. 

I've worked the runway, behind the runway, backstage and everywhere in between. I have been in front of cameras for years and have helped others look beautiful in front of cameras as well and now realize I could never give up my place in this industry. I always knew where I belonged. Where I fit in. Right here with you glamming it up one beauty product and glamorous job at a time. 

Just what is a Glameselle? A Glameselle is a woman with confidence, inner-beauty and someone who is strong, confident and naturally glamorous with every beat of her heart and every step in her shoes. The one that turns heads without trying. You might be familiar with my Glamorous Moms brand. Well, this is the first flower in the Glamorous Moms Beauty garden. A brand that supports beauty and strength in every client. 

Through years of experience in the fashion and beauty industry and 9 years as a Philanthropist, I created Glameselle in honor of the ladies I have gotten to know during my journey.  If you look at the bottom of your liquid matte lipstick tube and see a name like Evelina, Bella, Sofia or Lana, just know these are women who have inspired me throughout the years. Their strength, hardship, heart and dedication to keep going after all they have been through, is enough motivation for all of us. This is the year of the woman and Glameselle will always support a strong woman.  There are more strong women on my list so please watch for our lipstick and lip gloss lines named after more heroes, within the months to come!

Glameselle lip products are Paraben-free and are deeply penetrated with Vitamin E and Avocado Oil for nourishment and conditioning so my clients can look and feel glamorous all day, while they conquer the world.